Great Questions to Ask Your IG Followers

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Great Questions to Ask Your IG Followers

Instagram is a popular social media site that people use for many reasons. Most commonly the site is used to increase popularity, promote entertainers work, and to serve as a promotional tool for businesses. The site is worth using, as it is the second-most popular site out there, with more than 400 million daily users. If you’re an IG account holder that’s looking to do great things with the help of this site, it is time to get the conversation started.

Great Questions to Ask

Don’t assume that it is hard to start a conversation on a photo-sharing site because nothing could be further from the truth. I am an account holder and I always start conversations by asking questions. If you ask the right questions and empire the right techniques, it is easy to use the site to generate an interest in your name and what you have to offer. Some of the questions to ask your followers to generate conversation:

  • Who are you: Ask this question and everyone who follows your account can get in on the conversation as they discover people who live nearby or in locations of their dreams. You can also take the question to the next level and inquire of the person’s location but also their interest, too.
  • What do you do: Sharing occupational information may not be something that everyone who follows your account may be comfortable doing, but that is okay because just as many people are interested. And, as a great conversation starter you should be willing to post that.
  • What do you want to see: When you gain input from your audience it is easy to create a good name for yourself and stand above the competition.
  • What is your favorite: Customers love to talk about the things that they love, so why not start the conversation by asking what their favorite product from your lineup is?
  • What do you think: When you want to know what people really think about the products and services that you offer, use the IG page to inquire of them and gain this information. Most people are comfortable using social media and will happily tell you their answer.
  • FYI/Did you know There is a huge spectrum to work with when you ask this question. Perhaps you want customers to know something about your business or your general subject nature. Share some interesting facts related to your business and see what people respond to most.

So many questions and since you’re posting on social media, so much time to make sure they all get the right answer to enhance your customers knowledge! Make an Instagram followers order to get the numbers on your account up, post some of these questions, and put your creativity to work to think of others that your customers might engage with to answer. When you get the conversation going, it is almost assured that your brand or your name will be a huge success in the near future.

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