My Favorite Social Media Features

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My Favorite Social Media Features

The average person spends two hours on social media each day. They spend their time participating in various social activities, which vary from one website to another. They visit the sites to find new products and brands and when they need answers about products or services. Social media is certainly versatile and makes it easy to do so many things that are important to your life and well-being. What does not change is the fact that these tools and activities are fun and entertaining. However, I think that some of the features that you find on social media are better than others.

My Facebook Fun

When I am on Facebook, participating in group discussions is my absolute favorite activity. It takes nothing more than a good conversation to keep me on social media for a lot longer than intended. However, I enjoy every single second of the fun that comes from these discussions, especially since it is a matter that I appreciate.

The Live Videos are also something that I enjoy. As far as I know, Facebook is the only site that has this feature available but I’m certain others will catch on soon. Not only can I watch other people live and in action sharing their day with me, I can live stream my business and my activities, too. Sometimes the Videos and Live Stream feature is a bit glitchy but it is always worth it at the end of the day.

Instagram’s Greatest Features

I love Instagram, like most people. There isn’t a more sophisticated, protected social media platform out there. The photos are amazing and I appreciate the great variety as well. It is easy to get likes for Insta if you upload great quality content and when you buy them from a reputable company (such as Once this is done, millions of people can see that you’re out there.

The Instagram Stories feature is also something that I love to use, like most others who are on the site. Stories make it easy to share a small tidbit of your life in a text/video fashion that other people will look at and want to see. Everyone uses Stories if they use Instagram! I recommend that all IG users take advantage of the awesome stories feature if they want to experience the most fun the site offers.

Social Media Fun Awaits

There are tons of features that aren’t listed here but that are available on your favorite social media sites. When you want to build a name that stands out in the crowd, you will take advantage of the tools. I recommend that you visit your favorite sites and take the time to familiarize yourself with the features that each has to offer. When you know and understand the feature it’s easy to build your brand or to experience the most fun on these sites. I certainly cannot get enough of them and think that you’ll feel the same way!

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